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The idea of forming a blood donors association in Shahjalal University of Science and Technology was found by Asif Ahmed Rajib during one of many campus gossiping. On hearing this, almost instantly, 27 young, eager and sober students were ready to give it a try. It was 14th September 2008. On 13th November 2008 “SONCHALON” was registered as a voluntary organization of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. On 5th April 2009 SONCHALON formally expressed itself by organizing a free blood grouping campaign at SUST campus premises.

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Sort Film directed by Sonchalon

For the first time! A short film was produced directed by Sonchalon to encourage the young energetic peaople about blood donation.

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Atiar Rahman


Zannati Naeem

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Kakon Roy


Md. Shibbir Ahamed Rafy

Organizing Secretary

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Professor Dr. Md. Aminul Haque Bhuyan

Vice Chancellor, SUST

Dec 26, 2014
Sonchalon - The best organization in SUST campus. they really do well!!

Prof Dr Md Saleh Uddin

8th Vice Chancellor, SUST

Dec 26, 2014
As a human, I think it's a great initiative that the member of Sonchalon does the volunteer work for the human being.

Prof Dr Md Elias Uddin Biswas

Treasurer, SUST

Dec 26, 2014
I really feel proud for Sonchalon that in this time they are always ready for helping to the unprivileged person.

Mr Mohd Ishfaqul Hussain

Register, SUST

Dec 26, 2014
Organizer of Sonchalon are the idol for the young generation.

Dr Muhammed Zafar Iqbal

Professor & Head of EEE, SUST

Dec 26, 2014

Dr Md Anowarul Islam

Professor & Head of Mathematics, SUST

Dec 26, 2014

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রোজা রেখে রক্তদান

আমাদের মধ্যে অনেকেরই নেগেটিভ টেন্ডেন্সি আছে যে, আমরা ভাবি রোজা রেখে রক্তদান সম্ভব না। রোজা কি ভেঙ্গে যায়? রোজা হালকা হয়ে যায়? দয়া করে পড়ে দেখুন। আমরা যারা রক্তদান নিয়ে কাজ করি, তারা ভালো করেই জানি, বিপদের সময় এক ব্যাগ রক্তের জন্য কেমন হন্যে হয়ে ঘুরতে হয়। শুনতে খুবই সামান্য মনে হলেও আক্ষরিক...

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Advantage of Giving Blood

Blood donation, the voluntary act of allowing one's blood to be drawn out of body has many advantages besides giving that wonderful feeling of saving someone's life. Most of the time it is an act of charity, though sometimes many people donate blood for money and other incentives...

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Component of Blood

When we receive your donation we separate it into individual components by spinning it in a machine called a centrifuge. The individual components are red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma. These can all be put to different uses.

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May I donate blood?

Who can donate blood
Most people can give blood. If you are generally in good health, age 17 to 65 (if it's your first time) and weight is at least 40kg you can donate. You can give blood every 16 weeks, that's approximately every four months.

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We help you to get the emergency blood. But this is for only SYLHET region. We help safe blood seekers to find voluntary donors in their locality. We trying to create a blood donation culture by motivating people specially students to donate blood voluntarily. To get your doner please call us. Out cantact detrails.

Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet.
Phone: +880-1611-400383
Email: mail@sonchalon.org
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