Do you know?

There are tens of thousands of pints of blood that are needed every day to help people. Almost all serious health issues use blood, donated by people like you and me to save lives. Blood that is donated last a little more than 40 days. Then it must be disposed of. That means we need to constantly replenish the blood so it is there when someone needs it. Holidays are usually when blood is in short supply. Maybe next holiday season that could be your gift to a needing person. Your blood could save a baby, a child, a sister, a brother, a mother, a father, a grandfather or a grandmother. They cannot make blood, it is a gift we all have inside of us to give to those who are injured, sick, or in need. Those are the best reasons to donate blood. Not everyone can save a life. But you have an opportunity to do so. Don't waste it. Become a donor, save life. On this regard SONCHALON is our small effort which is solely dedicated to door to door & body to body blood transfusion.